Dialtone Records Release
Texas Northside Kings

Seth Walker, Eve Monsees, Nick Curran, Mike Keller, Shawn Pittman, Johnny Moeller, Texas Northside Kings

Texas Northside Kings

Dialtone's music documents the blues and gospel that is being played around Texas today. With this in mind, The Northside Kings album is probably the most important recording on the label. These artists are the third generation of blues musicians and are the basis of the Austin, Texas roots music scene that goes on every night. On this recording are some of the best postwar blues players holding down the rhythm section and supporting the next generation. All of the Northside Kings have their own bands and most of them also play with touring stars such as Marcia Ball, The Thunderbirds, Double Trouble, James Cotton, Lou Ann Barton, Pine Top Perkins, the Leroi Brothers, Daryl Nulisch and Doyle Bramhall.

Track Listing

  1. You Belong To Me (Eve Monsees)
  2. Radio Groove (Johnny Moeller)
Play clip for I Don’t Need No Sugar Mama (Shawn Pittman) 3. I Don’t Need No Sugar Mama (Shawn Pittman)
Play clip for I’ll Be Around (Nick Curran) 4. I’ll Be Around (Nick Curran)
  5. I Hear You Knocking (Seth Walker)
Play clip for Red Hot Mama (Mike Keller) 6. Red Hot Mama (Mike Keller)
  7. Call ‘Em How I See Them (Shawn Pittman)
Play clip for Since I Fell For You (Seth Walker) 8. Since I Fell For You (Seth Walker)
  9. I Was Lookin’ Back To See (Eve Monsees)
  10. Slippin’ And Slidin’ (Nick Curran)
  11. I’m A Samplin’ Man (Johnny Moeller)
  12. Hawaiian Hound (Eve Monsees)
  13. Oh Baby (Nick Curran)
  14. Reap What You Sow (Shawn Pittman)


Organ / Piano: Earl Gilliam; Sax: Spot Barnett; Drums: Willie Sampson; Bass: Jeffrey Plummer; Harmonica: Nick Curran; Rhythm Guitar: Johnny Moeller, track 6; Guitar Bass: Mike Keller, tracks 2, 11; Drums: Mike Buck, track 12; Drums: Nick Curran, track 11; Recorded at: Fort Horton Studio; Recording Engineer: Billy Horton; Mastered and Mixed at: Sounds Outrageous by Lars Goransson; Produced by: Eddie Stout; Photos: Keely Stout; Graphic Design: Den Zelig