Dialtone Records Release
When I Rise

Rev. K.M. Williams

When I Rise

He calls himself the Texas Country Blues Preacher. K.M. plays a homemade single string cigar box guitar while wearing a priest’s collar, all while being backed by a percussionist/washboard player who prefers to use his hands over drumsticks.

All original tracks soaked in the sounds of gospel and blues.

Track Listing

Play clip for When I Rise 1. When I Rise
Play clip for Free to Roam 2. Free to Roam
  3. The Lord Will Work It Out Somehow
  4. I'm Comin Home
  5. Something Took Control of Me
Play clip for Tell Me Woman 6. Tell Me Woman
  7. Goin Away Baby
  8. We'll Go Back to God
  9. Please Come Back Home
  10. I'm a Boogie Man
Play clip for Take a Little Walk with Me 11. Take a Little Walk with Me
  12. Hard Times Everywhere
  13. My Lord Knows Just What to Do


Guitar, Vocals: Rev. KM Williams; Drums, Washboard: Washboard Jackson; Hash Brown: Guitar 2/10/14, Harp 5/6; Back up Vocals: Blue Lisa, Andrea Dawson; Recorded: Audio Dallas; Engineer: Paul Osborn; Mix/Mastered: Sounds Outrageous by Lars Garansson; Graphic Design: Den Zelig, www.denzelig.com; Produced by: Eddie Stout, Randy Reagan