Dialtone Records Release
Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown

Jewel Brown, Milton Hopkins

Milton Hopkins & Jewel Brown

The new Dialtone release features Milton Hopkins, legendary guitar player and cousin of Lightnin' Hopkins, alongside Jewel Brown, the vocalist of the legendary Louis Armstrong who she toured with for over 9 years.  Backed by a band of first-rate players, these two musical veterans deliver a classic blues statement for the twenty-first century.  The quality of the vintage testifies to the rich depths of the roots.  Savor it and enjoy!

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Track Listing

Play clip for Jerry 1. Jerry
Play clip for Can't Get Enough of You 2. Can't Get Enough of You
Play clip for Daddy Daddy 3. Daddy Daddy
Play clip for The Whale has Swallowed Me 4. The Whale has Swallowed Me
Play clip for Evening Breeze 5. Evening Breeze
Play clip for There's a Light 6. There's a Light
Play clip for Cry Me a River 7. Cry Me a River
Play clip for I'm Shakin' 8. I'm Shakin'
Play clip for Back to the Shimmy 9. Back to the Shimmy
Play clip for I'm Leaving You Now 10. I'm Leaving You Now
Play clip for How Can I Lose 11. How Can I Lose
Play clip for Tater Tots 12. Tater Tots


Jewel Brown: Vocals
Milton Hopkins: Guitar
Corey Keller: Drums
Jason Moeller: Drums
Mike Keller: Guitar
Nick Connolly: Piano
Johnny Bradley: Bass
Kaz Kazanoff: Sax
Recorded at: Public Hi-Fi, Austin Texas
Engineer: Jim Eno, Brad Bell
Mastered/Mixed at: Sounds Outrageous by Lars Goransson
Cover photos by: James Fraher
Graphics: Den Zelig
Produced by: Eddie Stout, Randy Reagan
Executive Producers: Yasufumi Higurashi, Akira Kochi