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Dialtone Stable of Stars Live

One of the biggest blues events of South by Southwest 2008 was the Dialtone Records showcase at Lamberts BBQ. Located in a historic building on the edge of downtown, Lamberts is a new venue that has already established a reputation as a centerpiece of the Austin blues scene.

Dialtone Records is the brainchild of Eddie Stout, formerly a booking agent with the famed Antone’s Records. Stout is a musician himself and a man on a mission. He has built a staple of very talented but lesser known Texas blues musicians that Stout believes deserve their turn in the spotlight.

Among the artists performing at the Dialtone Showcase were Joe Doucet, Spot Barnett, the West Side Horns, Little Joe Washington, the Texas Northside Kings, the Texas East Side Kings, Ray Reed and Joe Jonas.

While many blues fans are aware of Houston’s eccentric and colorful Little Joe Washington, many other Dialtone artists will be unfamiliar to all but hardcore Texas blues aficionados. However, they are all artists with impeccable blues credentials and fascinating stories. They are hoping that South by Southwest, like it has for so many other artists, will be a gateway for greater exposure and greater recognition of their work.

Joe Doucet, is a veteran of Houston’s Third Ward blues scene. As always, his performance at South by Southwest was flavored by the fun, up-tempo zydeco music prevalent in his corner of southeast Texas. Indeed, Doucet has sometimes been described as “Freddie King meets Clifton Chenier” and takes pride in his ability to sing blues in both English and French Creole.

Little Joe Washington embodies something primal about the blues: he doesn’t really have a permanent address, he doesn’t really have a job, he goes where he wants, does what he wants, and says what he wants. On stage, Washington can be an unpredictable performer, but it quickly became obvious to his South by Southwest audience that he is a musical prodigy. His guitar work was both ingenious and intense while his voice was positively haunting, rough yet velvety.

Spot Barnett, a master of the blues saxophone, approaches his music with the earnest seriousness of a jazz musician. When playing, Barnett is utterly focused on his instrument and his music. Barnett was much in demand during the festival, in addition to performing at the Dialtone showcase, he received an award from the Austin Music Society, played back-up for rockabilly and roots legend Roy Head, and jammed with the Sexto Soul, a popular Latin Rock group.

The evening closed with Dallas-based blues singer and harmonica player Joe Jonas. If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to hear one of his CDs, you know what a powerful and unique voice he has. What you may not know is that Jonas is as much a showman and entertainer as he is a blues singer. On stage, his number one goal seems to be making sure the audience is having a good time and that they are involved with the music. It was the perfect way to end the showcase, with Jonas bringing the house down.
—Jon Black

Track Listing

  1. Twenty First Century Walk (Spot Barnett)
  2. The Things I Used to Do (Joe Jonas)
  3. School Girl (Texas Northside Kings)
  4. Funky Mama (The West Side Horns)
  5. Last Night (Texas Eastside Kings)
  6. Ain’t Nobody’s Business (Texas Eastside Kings)
  7. Mean Ol’ Frisco (Orange Jefferson with Thierry Cognee)
  8. Ragged and Dirty (Orange Jefferson with Thierry Cognee)
  9. Back Home (Joe Doucet)
  10. Little Joe Stomp (Little Joe Washington)
  11. You Don’t Have to Go (Ray Reed)


Recorded Live at Lambert's in Austin, Texas, March 13th, 2008. Recording Engineer: Jim Anderson; Assistant Recording Engineer: Bob Sullivan; Mastered and Mixed by Lars Goransson at Sound Outreagous; Photos: Jeff Barringer; Produced by Eddie Stout
Track 1: Spot Barnett: sax and Vocals; Elmo Durst: bass; Francis Tolbert: guitar; Jackie Gray: drums; Nick Connolly: piano; Track 2: Joe Jonas: vocals; Jason Moeller: drums; Nick Connolly: organ; Johnny Moeller: guitar; Hash Brown: harmonica; Mike Keller: guitar & bass;Track 3: Texas Northside Kings; Eve Monsees: guitar & vocals; Johnny Moeller: guitar & vocals; Mike Keller: guitar bass & vocals; Willie Sampson: drums & vocals; Track 4 & 5: The West Side Horns; Louis Bustos: sax; Spot Barnett: sax; Al Gomez Jr.: trumpet; Sauce Gonzalez: organ; Johnny Moeller: guitar; Jason Moeller: drums; Jack Barber: bass; Tracks 6, 7, & 8: Texas Eastside Kings; Willie Sampson: drums; James Kuykendall: bass & vocals; Duck Jennings: trumpet & vocals; Moto: guitar; Clarence Pierce: guitar & vocals; Nick Connolly: Piano; Tracks 9, 10 & 11: Orange Jefferson: harmonica & vocals; Thierry Cognee: guitar; Tracks 12: Joe Doucet: guitar & vocals; Jackie Gray: drums; Nick Connolly: piano; Elmo Durst: bass; Track 13 & 14: Little Joe Washington: guitar & vocals; Jason Moeller: drums; Nick Connolly: piano; Jack Barber: bass; Mike Keller: rhythm guitar; Track 15: Ray Reed: guitar & vocals; Hash Brown: harmonica; Jason Moeller: drums; Clarence Pierce: guitar; Nick Connolly: piano; James Kuykendall: bass