Dialtone Records Release
Texas Harmonica Rumble

Various Artists

Texas Harmonica Rumble

Label founder, Eddie Stout: "After playing 'Battle of the Harmonicas' in San Francisco a few times, I created Texas' own Harmonica Rumble and expanded the idea by making the harp players use the same back-up band. This new recording is a tribute to the great memories and a reunion of some of the best Harmonica players in the world."

Track Listing

Play clip for Hey Warden (Orange Jefferson) 1. Hey Warden (Orange Jefferson)
Play clip for That’s All Right (Lazy Lester) 2. That’s All Right (Lazy Lester)
Play clip for Poison Ivy (Bobby Rush) 3. Poison Ivy (Bobby Rush)
Play clip for Brain Dead (Sammy Meyers) 4. Brain Dead (Sammy Meyers)
  5. I Love My Baby (Mel Davis)
  6. Blues from Beaumont Texas (Joe Jonas)
  7. High Tempter (Bobby Rush)
  8. Honest I Do (Lazy Lester)
  9. Hot Air (Bobby Rush)
  10. Must Have Been the Devil (Sammy Meyers)
  11. Salslow Blues (Orange Jefferson)
  12. Take Off Your Shoes (Joe Jonas with Little Joe Washington)
  13. Clean House (Joe Jonas)
  14. You Can Have Your Cake (Mel Davis)
  15. 19 Naugh Naught (Mel Davis)


(1, 11) Orange Jefferson, Harmonica/ Vocal; Thierry Cognee, Guitar; (2.8) Lazy Lester, Harmonica/ Vocal; Mike Buck, Drums; Eve Monsees, Guitar; Grady Pinkerton, Guitar; Nick Connolly, Piano; (3, 7, 9) Bobby Rush, Harmonica/ Vocal; Nicky Connelly, Paino; Mike Keller, Guitar; Hash Brown, Guitar; Willie Sampson, Drums; (4, 10) Sammy Meyers, Harmonica/ Vocal; Westly Star, Drums; Clarence Pierce, Guitar; Mike Keller, Guitar; Nicky Connelly, Piano; (6, 12, 13) Joe Jonas, Harmonica/ Vocal; Little Joe Washington, Guitar (12, Vocal); Mike Keller, Guitar; Clarence Pierce, Guitar; Jackie Gray, Drums (6, 12); Willie Sampson, Drums (13); Nicky Connelly, Piano; (5, 14, 15) Mel Davis, Harmonica/ Vocal; Lawrence Bell, Organ; Weldon Gentry, Drums; Mike Keller, Guitar