Dialtone Records Release
Texas Doghouse Blues

Earl Gilliam

Texas Doghouse Blues

Earl is at home with the free, open jams where he can stretch his boundaries from the beginner blues player who just sits in, to the veteran jazz cats. The best place to hear this is in his garage, he calls it the doghouse. Listening to this recording is like sitting in Earl's Doghouse on a Saturday afternoon.

Track Listing

Play clip for My Thing 1. My Thing
Play clip for Early in the Morning 2. Early in the Morning
  3. Twist 2
  4. Pretty Little Doll
Play clip for The Doghouse 5. The Doghouse
  6. Get Away Blues
  7. Thrill Groove
  8. Petite Baby
  9. Going Downtown
  10. Screaming Hog
  11. Got to Find My Baby
  12. First Name is Earl
  13. Stop By Johns
  14. Brush Those Tears From Your Eyes
  15. Tomball Shuffle


Bass: Pops Stewart; Guitar: John Richardson (14, 4); Guitar: I.J. Gosey; Drums: Willie Sampson; Sax: Shedrick Cormier; Piano & Organ, Vocals: Earl Gilliam