Dialtone Records Release
The Texas Trumpets

Pat Patterson, Ephraim Owens, Martin Banks, Donald "Duck" Jennings, Texas Trumpets

The Texas Trumpets

Some of the best trumpet players of all time hail from and still reside in the heart of Texas. Popular demand brings them together for a special recording backed by Austin's finest Eastside Kings. Stepping into the spotlight are international legend Martin Banks, Donald "Duck" Jennings, Pat Patterson and Ephraim Owens.

The Texas Trumpets CD is sure to please the palate with a heavy helpings of blues, jazz and R&B. Trumpeters "Duck" and Pat deliver top choice vocals and are joined by special guest, blues master Matthew Robinson, who whips up a dirty little dish to spice up the course. An assortment of seasoned arrangements with an Eastside flavor bring this recipe to a harmonious boil, ready to serve. Enjoy the feast for your ears these cats have cooked up!

Track Listing

  1. JB Intro
Play clip for Tropical Breeze 2. Tropical Breeze
  3. Paige ‘N T.C.
Play clip for Last Night 4. Last Night
Play clip for Sweet Spot 5. Sweet Spot
Play clip for Sassy 6. Sassy
  7. One Night Stand
  8. Rebecca Rebecca
  9. Blues in G (Big Fat Mama) / Shake Rattle and Roll
  10. Hully Gully Twist
  11. The Eastside
  12. JB Out


The Texas Trumpets: Donald "Duck" Jennings, Martin Banks, Ephraim Owens, Pat Patterson; The Eastside Band: Clarence Pierce: Guitar; Charles Shaw: Drums; Burley J. Manor, Jr.: Bass; Larry D.C. Williams: Organ, horn arrangements; Matthew Robinson: guest vocals; Recorded at: Music Lane, Austin, TX on April 10, 1999; Mixed and Mastered by: Eddie Stout at Music Lane; Engineered by: Lars Goransson; Produced by: Eddie Stout, Julie Frost-Wanzer, Dennis Wall; Photography: Jorge Sanhueza, Julie Frost-Wanzer; Graphic Design: Eve Sunday, Evolve International Inc.; Liner Notes: Julie Frost-Wanzer