Dialtone Records Release
Tex Golden Nugget

Hosea Hargrove

Tex Golden Nugget

Hosea Hargrove stepped onto the cool tile floor of Fort Horton Studios just outside of Austin, Texas, for the first of a two-day recording session. He was armed only with his electric guitar, an ancient beat up amplifier, and a lifetime of experience living and playing the blues. Eighty years of experience. There was no game plan, no set list.

Eddie Stout, who founded Dialtone Records in 1998 with the mission to capture "moments in time" from underrepresented stalwarts of Texas blues like Hargrove, had only one goal: "to let Hosea dig deep down and play his stuff." It had been some twelve years since the elder bluesman had even stepped into a studio to cut tracks for an established label, and this was one of those special moments.

Track Listing

Play clip for Negro Down 1. Negro Down
  2. Nine Pounds Of Steel
Play clip for 44 In My Hand 3. 44 In My Hand
  4. Boogaloo
  5. Booty
  6. Caress Me Baby
  7. HOSEA
Play clip for King Arthur 8. King Arthur
  9. If You Love Me Like You Say
  10. Love My Life (Part 2)
  11. Years Go Passing By
  12. I’m In Love With You Baby
  13. Rock Me Baby


Guitar / Vocals: Hosea Hargrove; Rhythm Guitar: Scott Chester; Bass: Mike Keller; Drums: Jason Moeller; Piano: Nick Connelly; Track 13 Drums: Charles Shaw; Track 13 Rhythm Guitar: Hash Brown; Recorded at: Fort Horton Studio, Austin, TX; Engineer: Billy Horton; Mastered at: Sounds Outrageous by Lars Goransson; Produced by: Eddie Stout, Randy Reagan; Graphic Design by: Den Zelig, www.denzelig.com