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About Bobby Rush

“Grabbing everybody’s licks is like the blueprint for building a house, but building the house is your own sound.”

Bobby likes the Hohner chromatic harmonica and plays through the PA; he loves to play in the lower keys on the harp. He plays the big harp upside down because when he was a kid he had the chickenpox and had pox on one side of his mouth so to work the button he had to turn the harp over. His dad gave him his first harp around 1949 and Sun Scott gave him his first guitar. He lived just two blocks from Little Walter and played harp with him all the time when he was growing up. In 1958, he moved to Chicago and stopped playing harp because everyone had a harp player (all the harp players were side guys and people looked down on them). In 1968, he picked the harp back up and started with 2 or 3 songs a night but now he is playing about 80% of his show with his harp. He likes Little Walter, both Sonny Boys, and Junior Parker.

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Texas Harmonica Rumble

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Texas Harmonica Rumble