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About Lazy Lester

“Blow hard, play hard, die young, and don’t quit your day job.”

There are only a few musicians’ names you can call off on stage that everyone in the band will know how to play and the sound you are going for; Lazy Lester is one of them.

Lester plays Hohner Marine Band harps, mostly straight through the PA but can also play with a bullet mic, whichever method works best for the song.  One of his favorite sounds is playing through a Turner mic with a Gibson amp; he also remembers liking the sound of a Telefunken mic and the old brown RCA mic for playing harp in the studio.

There are no tricks to what Lester plays, he just knows how, what, when, and how much to play.

He has always loved music and his favorite harp player was Little Walter.  While growing up, Lester always listened to the Radio, especially to Roy Rogers, the Grand Ole Opry, and WTPS radio out of New Orleans.  His mother could play bluegrass, country, blues, and all kinds of music on harp.  Lester’s brother would always buy harps and leave them lying around; he couldn’t play but Lester would pick them up and the skill came naturally to him.

Lester would like to thank: Jay Miller, Jimmie Reed, Sonny Boy Williamson, Wayne Rainy, Lonny Glosman, and all the great country singers.

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Texas Harmonica Rumble

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Texas Harmonica Rumble