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About Mel Davis

“Listen to the blues and learn the 1, 4, 5.”

Mel uses a Lee Osker 12 hole harp and plays straight harp through the PA mostly single notes, not so much chording and stays in the 3 chord blues. He plays some of the same licks he learned from playing saxophone. Everybody in his family played music.  His cousin, Willie Son Garrett, gave him his first harp at the age of eight. Willie also owned the “Son to Sweet Club” in Conroe, TX where Mel saw T-Bone Walker and was motivated to play the blues.  His influences include T-Bone Walker, T.D. Bell, Erbie Bowser, and Houston radio (KCOH and KYOK).  Mel can be seen playing with his band, the Blues Specialists.

Available Releases
Texas Harmonica Rumble

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Texas Harmonica Rumble