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About Johnny Moeller

Johnny Moeller plays an 80's Fender Stratocaster guitar that he bought when he was 16. His guitar looks like it has been drug behind his car for a week and has as much backfire as a 57 Ford. His second guitar is a 70's Japanese Epiphone Crestwood, and he uses a Fender Vibrolux Reverb amp. As a kid, Johnny always knew he wanted to play guitar, and at the age of 14 his Dad got him a Kay guitar that looked like a Les Paul, Jr. Johnny was self taught and learned his blues by playing along with Freddie King and Guitar Slim records. One of his first bands was with his brother, Jason, in the "Moeller Brothers." They recorded a couple of records for the Dallas Blues Society. Johnny has recorded a lot since then, including 6 CDs with Daryl Nulisch. "It's great to be in Austin. What other town can you hang out and see artists like Willie Sampson and Nick Curran on a Tuesday night?"

Available Releases
Texas Northside Kings

Seth Walker

Texas Northside Kings